Dectron Dry-O-Tron Ensuring Client Satisfaction

At Dectron, we go out of our way to ensure client satisfaction. No matter what your role in a project or facility, we’re here to help make your job as easy as possible and provide the best equipment solution for your requirements.


We’re here to answer your questions about operation of equipment, energy efficiency, maintenance, service or when to replace your dehumidifier.

We also of course provide the most energy efficient, environment friendly and reliable equipment available – backed by WebSentry Monitoring so you can have the most trouble-free ownership experience possible with the lowest cost of ownership.


More and more architects are seeking our advice during the early design phase of pool projects. Why? Because pools are different, and they require specialized considerations about HVAC design, windows, skylights and other design-function considerations that are critical to a successful design. That’s why we are happy to answer any and all questions about humidity and indoor pool environment control. After all, we’ve been doing nothing else but solving dehumidification challenges for over 40 years.


Designing and specifying HVAC requirements for indoor pool dehumidification is no simple task. There are lots of detailed measurements, calculations and considerations involved in the winning formula for success and we’re here to help in every way we can. Our online selection, pricing and specification tools also provide a fast and efficient way for you and our sales representatives to complete the requisite calculations, selections, specifications and submittals in record time, with all of the details you need.


At Dectron we think and design for contractors. Our goal is to make your installation job as efficient and challenge-free as possible. How do we do that? By putting ourselves in your shoes to anticipate every detail we can, that makes working with Dectron your first choice. From on-time deliveries and managing job timelines to providing on-site, factory-assisted start-ups, we do what it takes to get you off to a great start and keep your customer happy. Then, with WebSentry connected, we monitor closely to doubly ensure success and add to that a full one-year labour warranty on top of our two-year parts warranty.